Webinar on A Hard Look at Succession Planning

By TrainHR (other events)

Monday, August 27 2018 10:00 AM 11:30 AM

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Succession Planning as a Business Tool Establishes a clear understanding of the perceptions, organizational issues, and business context within which an effective succession planning system must operate.

In a VUCA world, it is critical to ensure the continuity of leadership in an organization. Whether a leadership departure has been carefully planned or completely unforeseen, ensuring a pool of strong, ready candidates should be part of every company's risk management strategy. This session provides an opportunity to learn how a succession plan and management process is a critical business continuity activity. Find out what are some of the common areas that are ignored or glossed over resulting, at best, in a weak succession plan or simply a replacement plan.

Succession planning cannot take place in a vacuum. It must be an intensive, comprehensive initiative, much more than a preparation of a list of names that will be replace a person who wins the literary and leaves. Similarly, succession plans will not sustain the firm if they are designed only to allow the leaders to say to the Board of Directors we have checked the box on our talent plan. Succession has to be taken on are the objective of the CEO and supported by all leaders. It is not a HR activity.

This session will use our time to focus on five areas that are common causes for succession plans to face issues when it becomes succession management.

Who is responsible for developing leaders?
How are the behaviors of the company culture essential to succession decisions
How do you use a fact based process to identify HiPos
Why Performance Review data is traditionally misinforming about who is a HiPo
Who owns accountability and responsibility for succession success?

Why should you Attend: In repeated surveys of senior management, a recurring theme is fear of the lack of qualified internal people to fill roles in senior ranks, especially as more and more Boomers retire, and boards of directors ask to review succession and management plans.

As a result, executives today increasingly rank the development of leaders and succession planning as a top talent priority. However, they generally ignore it not realizing it is an essential business activity. What is revealing is that some research indicates that over 50% of firms lack any formal succession planning. What do they say it is important but do not act as if it is important?

Areas Covered in the Session:

Succession is for both the leadership and support positions, how to identify your critical positions. We will review a process for decision making
Recognize the importance of authentic corporate culture / values to the success of succession planning. What happens when firms do not take into consideration the corporate values when making promotional decisions
Successful succession management needs talent champions, what are they and how to grow them. Development is not a HR responsibility
Realize that most performance reviews are not value add to the succession planning process and what you need to have in place to identify HiPos
The role of HR, The C-Suite and the CEO in setting and maintaining a succession

Who Will Benefit:

Anyone Charged with the Accountability and Responsibility of Succession Planning
Chief Human Resources Officers / VPs of Human Resources
Directors of Talent Management or Succession Planning
Small and Medium-size Business Owners
HR staff involved in the Succession Planning Process and/or Talent Management
Organizational Development Professionals

Dr. David S.CohenEd. D. is a seasoned management consultant passionate about building organizations through the successful alignment of their people to the corporate values and corresponding behaviors. He works with organizations and their leaders to ensure the clear articulation of the culture and the application of that knowledge to building integrated talent management processes and practices and improving employee engagement.


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