3-Hour Virtual Seminar on Difference Between Manager, Coach, and Mentor to Engage Employees and Learn Coaching Skills to Improve

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Tuesday, September 11 2018 9:00 AM 12:00 PM

This Course is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider.


Explain the how a manager can use mentoring style and coaching style to motivate and improve employee performance. Coaching and mentoring are often confused; learn the difference and when and how to use each style. Understanding the difference between the two approaches and how to effectively use each style is key for managers who want to retain employees and increase their "social capital" and reputation as leaders and managers.

Learn three coaching models to improve the coaching style of the manager and improve direct report performance. Learn in more depth: what coaching is and what it is NOT. Learn how to build the coaching relationship and motivate your employee and learn how to use a "Coaching Plan" to as a way to clarify goals and objectives.

Why should you Attend: Effective managers draw upon many skills to lead their teams. For the manager it is important to know when to use Mentoring or Coaching to improve employee engagement and give constructive feedback. When Managers provide constructive feedback, they create a "win-win" situation for their direct reports and improve business results by motivating and engagement employees.

Managers and leaders who use coaching skills have more successful careers and improved business results as compared with Managers who do not use coaching.

Knowing good coaching conversation questions is increases employee motivation to achieve their goals, improve their performance, take advantage of career opportunities and professional development.

Areas Covered in the Session:

The role of manager
Definition of employee engagement and a "motivating job"
Definition of constructive feedback and motivation
The definition and difference between a mentor and a coach
Situational examples are provided to reinforce how to use the two different styles and the choice of the style depends on the situation and employee that will benefit
The end results are to initiate a positive learning situation and create accountability in the employee
Understand what coaching is and the benefits from coaching conversations
Coach's role in facilitating these question and motivating conversations
Learn how to build the coaching relationship with direct reports and motivate your employee
Set realistic goals using Coaching Plan-SMART goals
Learn what the Transtheoretical model of change tells about change conversations
Examples of how to apply the Three Coaching Models and sample questions for each model
Use the G.R.O.W. coaching process to facilitate beneficial coaching conversations
Learning Coaching Conversation to build trust
Learn the 4 Square Coaching Model as an accountability model
Learning Coaching Conversation to build trust

Who Will Benefit:

Operations Managers
High Potentials
Accounting and Finance

Valerie Pelan has been consulting and providing Executive coaching for over 10 years.


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