How to develop a written plan of investing your time and talent

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Tuesday, March 6 2018 10:00 AM 11:30 AM

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The very beginning of achieving great things is to be honest and candid with yourself when you assess exactly what your talents are and how much time you have to invest. Realize that most tasks will expand to fill the time allocated to the task. This process is first and foremost a "mindset."

Next is the process of creating a clear vision and comprehensive plan to consistently work on you. You need to develop a personal growth plan that we might call "Designing Your Future" or "YOU, Inc."

Given you know where you want to go and have a plan; the final step is to implement the plan. We will discuss numerous ways to communicate, manage and execute your life investment plan. Our focus will be the two critical areas of time and talent.

Why should you Attend: It often amuses me when people talk about "time management." The reality is time marches on and there isn’t anything you or I can do about it. The real trick is to realize we must each manage ourselves wisely in the 24 hours we receive every day.

The other big gift you and I each have is our talent. It is incumbent upon you to clearly identify and invest in your own talent. The only way you will truly soar and achieve great things is to exploit your strengths. Then you need to figure out ways to compensate for those areas where you are naturally weak.

The secret to having a lot of money to invest and create wealth is to learn how to use your time and talent effectively. This webinar will show you how.

Areas Covered in the Session:

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Prioritizing your major life areas
How to develop a written plan of investing your time and talent
Tools to explore, evaluate and execute your investment program
Execution is the ultimate test and evidence of your voracity
Measurement and management of self is a continual process
Feedback, benchmarking, adapting, adjusting and engaging

Who Will Benefit:

Vice Presidents and Regional Managers
Managers and Supervisors
High Potential Employees being Groomed for Leadership & Promotions

David's passion is helping executives create a masterpiece personally and professionally. That's why he wrote, "The CEO Code," a Best Seller on AMAZON. That success resulted in Penguin/Alpha Books asking David to write "IDIOT'S GUIDES: Management Skills" released in December 2014.


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