How to Make Workplace Accountability Cooler than your Competitors Do

By TrainHR (other events)

Thursday, July 26 2018 10:00 AM 11:00 AM

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You have to be creative and innovative when it comes to affecting human behavior.In this Webinar we'll stimulate the most effective ways of ensuring and supporting individuals' accountability, reveal the many measurable benefits to the company and its impact on competitive advantage.

Why should you Attend: This webinar will create an understanding of the types of workplace accountability. This Webinar will ease uncertainty surrounding holding employees accountable while maintaining high morale and building trust.

This Webinar includes hands-on exercise enabling you to be creative and innovative when designing reciprocal accountability programs for your workplace. This Webinar address company culture in a way that is long-term and positive, unlike month long contests and team building exercises that are quickly forgotten.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Positive results of accountability

Employees feel more engaged and happy at work
They feel like there are outlets and increased opportunities for open and honest communication
They feel increased competence
Feel like the employer is flexible by allowing them (and financially supporting) time for mastermind group participation
They feel trusted, more motivated and committed

Benefits to the organization

Accountable employees advance the mission, vision, and values of the organization
Accountable employees help create measurable change
Positively effects the culture of the organization
Helps support strategic goals of organization - most of which can be measured, counted & documented

Why accountability is important Including

How being a member of an accountability based Mastermind group is one of the most effective forms of ensuring and supporting employee's accountability expectations
Reciprocal accountability; what happens when you hold the same people accountable to you as they hold you to themselves

Who Will Benefit:

Best suited for Leaders and Managers

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